Yoichi Okada and His Son had received Sacred Names From the Church “Japan Michinari – House of Jesus Christ Our Father”

Yoichi Okada and His Son had received Sacred Names From the Church “Japan Michinari –  House of Jesus Christ Our Father”

Tokuho Newsletter 112  –  10 /15/2018

Yoichi Okada’s Way of Thinking is Heretical

With the bombastic pronouncement by the former Spiritual Leader, Mr. Yoichi Okada, on February 4, 2017, the Izunome Kyodan has been experiencing a crisis unparalleled since the passing of Meishu-sama. What is the reason for this situation? After all, Izunome Kyodan has been trying to achieve its goal of a Kyoshu centered faith. No one could imagine that behind all this, there lay a shocking reality.

Shocking Reality Discovered in Mr. Yoichi’s e-mail Messages

Mr. Yoichi Okada was installed as Spiritual Leader (Kyoshu) in 1998, by the decision of the Board of Directors of Sekai Kyusei Kyo.

However, on June 22, 2018, the Board of Directors of Sekai Kyusei Kyo decided to annul the installment and remove Mr. Yoichi Okada from the position of Kyoshu, because of his deviation from the teachings and philosophy of Meishu-sama.  (After the passing of both the 3rd Spiritual Leader and Reverend Watanabe in 2013, he began to promote his unique and radical philosophy; to deny many parts of Meishu-sama’s teachings; to interfere with management of the 3 Member Corporations under the Umbrella SKK; to engage in the moral harassment of employees, as well as in activities against the wishes of Sekai Kyusei Kyo, et al).


Following his removal from the position of Kyoshu, shocking information was discovered in emails found in Mr. Yoichi’s SKK computer. One of them dates as far back as to 2004, when his son – Mr. Masaaki Okada – was studying in Australia.


Examples of e-mails from Mr. Yoichi Okada岡田陽一氏と真明氏のメール

August 2, 2004 Subject: Seibetsu (words of consecration)
Date: Monday, August 2, 2004
From: Yoichi Okada
To: Masaaki Okada
(body of the e-mail) – In order for a human being to not die in ignorance, one must feel and become aware of the One who is the radiating source of his own existence. Amen .
Although I was afraid the words (Japanese characters) would be scrambled, I sent to you the e-mail, regardless. 

September 5, 2004
Subject: For Your Information
Date: Sunday, September 5, 2004
From: Yoichi Okada
To: Okada Masaaki
(email body) – For Masaaki Today, September 5, I want to share with you, Shin Michinari Masaaki , these special words of consecration (seibetsu no mikotoba) :  “Be a vessel for Michinari. Welcome everything with the spirit of reconciliation” Kind regards. By the way, I left the Standard English-Japanese dictionary at home. It is written in the grammar of the Taisho Era. Blue is not really blue; it’s actually indigo. The types of print are those of an old style. It brought me a certain nostalgia. What about your cold, is it better? See you. From Yoichi  

September 13, 2004
Subject: For Your Information
Date: Monday, September 13, 2004
From: Yoichi Okada To: Okada Masaaki
(email body) – For Masaaki Today, September 12, I want to share with you, Shin Michinari Masaaki, these special words of consecration (seibetsu no mikotoba): “Joy is together … Celebrated within life … redeem, save, be reborn … Celebrate.” Kind regards. Today I posted the CD-ROM of the English dictionary. 
From Yoichi.

Bad Faith Intentions Go Back More than 15 Years

Main points made clear by the content of these emails:

1) Mr. Yoichi had been participating in activities of another religious group, having a position within it.

2) Mr. Yoichi and Mr. Masaaki were given sacred names.

3) Mr. Yoichi was learning lessons from leaders of this group and introducing them within messages at services of Sekai Kyusei Kyo.

These events have been occurring since at least 2003. It was at that time that he began to convey his “Words” to members as the spiritual leader of the SKK organization.

Mr. Yoichi was given the sacred name “Taira Michinari Yoichi” and Mr. Masaaki was named “Shin Michinari Masaaki” (from this cult group “Japan Michinari House of Jesus Christ Our Father”). Although they are father and son, they referred to each other by means of these names.


Sekai Kyusei Kyo Izunome Kyodan, centered on Japan’s Constitution,  respects the particularities of each and every religion and has been carrying out activities that do not harm either public or moral order.

Naturally, we treat with respect the Church “Japan Michinari House of Jesus Christ Our Father.”

However, it is known that Yoichi Okada (former SKK Spiritual Leader) and his son Masaaki Okada – utilizing their respective positions – have appeared to be guiding the followers of Sekai Kyusei Kyo, using Meishu-sama’s teachings as its basis, but in reality, they have wanted to lead us to a specific Christian vision*.

* Translator’s Note: (This Christian vision is not a traditional standard Christian philosophy, but rather of a tiny Christian cult found only in Japan).

Both father and son, along with the wife, Mrs. Mayumi, were receiving teachings from “Mr. M” during the “holy communion”, which is a time of meditation and personal instruction. In these meetings, the following phrases were continuously emphasized: “Return to the original paradise”; “Connect with God through our breath that we inhale and exhale”; “Conclusion of the final judgment”; “Putting an end point”.

Mr. Yoichi continuously presented these expressions to SKK members through his messages and “words” at services over many years.

Most members of the Izunome Kyodan were following his messages and “words” as if they were messages from Meishu-sama, even if they found them ‘difficult to understand’ and considered them ‘incomprehensible’. Members came to believe that following his words was a “way to seek Meishu-sama.” Thus, they continued to study, follow and practice the “Words of Kyoshu-sama”.

Alarming Message Contained in the Calligraphies Offered on Occasions of Conferences and Meetings with Members

Between 2014 and 2016, Meetings with Members were held in many local churches in which Mr. Yoichi spoke to members from all over the country, accompanied by his wife and Mr. Masaaki.

Before that, as early as 2012, the president of SKK, Rev. Tetsuo Watanabe, found Mr. Yoichi’s actions to be extremely challenging and unsettling. For example: the “Words of Kyoshu-sama” clearly deviated from Meishu-sama’s Teachings; mandated instructions for changing the contents of videos and periodicals; as well as threats against anyone who opposed the system of centralization of decisions by Kyoshu-sama, among other embarrassing situations, caused great alarm. Although he outwardly supported Mr. Yoichi, Rev. Watanabe was quite fearful about the future of the Church.

The regional directors who wanted to please the members by inviting the Spiritual Leader to their regions urged President Watanabe to hold Meetings with Members in their regions. Reverend Watanabe tried to curb the situation by saying: “We will ask Kyoshu-sama to visit only the regions that are showing spectacular growth in membership.” Mr. Yoichi, however, disputed the words of Rev. Watanabe, saying: “There is no point in me visiting only those regions showing good results. The places develop because I visit them.” Thus, beginning in 2014, conferences were held all over Japan.

To each region he visited, Mr. Yoichi gave calligraphies of different ideograms, all written by himself. Upon receiving them, the former regional directors expressed great joy and gratitude.

But in these calligraphies alarming messages were hidden. By sequencing each of these ideograms in the exact reverse order by which they were granted, comes forth the expression “Ketsujitsu iki Michinari”. (Translated as “Giving fruit, Breathing, Michinari”). It is possible to deduce that these five ideograms were impregnated with a subliminal message that an “orientation of strong-Christian-character will materialize” (see box at the top of the page).

What is meant by the calligraphies of Mr. Yoichi Okada.

The photo above shows the moment when at the Higashi Nihon Region Members Conference, Mr. Yoichi Okada presented the calligraphies to each of the regions (photograph taken on 11/11/2016, in the Church of Omiya)

Reading the calligraphies from right to left (reverse order).

 Iki (breath) 

According to the Bible, “the Lord God formed a man (Adam) from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.” (Genesis, 2:7)


Michinari niku shin” in Chinese, and “Jyuniku”  in Japanese are translated as ‘incarnation’ in the English language. Many Christians believe that in the second aspect of the Holy Trinity, ‘incarnation’ is when a child (God’s son) became flesh by having been conceived and born into the world as the Christ to save humanity. This is a fundamental dogma of Christianity and according to the Gospel of John, in the first verse of the first chapter it is said that: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” In verse 14 of this same chapter we see: “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.” Michinari is an expression whose origins we find in this biblical passage.

Mr. Yoichi’s demeanor became increasingly radical and three months after the last Meeting with Members this came to light for all members to see through the bombastic pronouncement at the 2017 Spring Service.


The scholar and researcher of religion, Prof. Dr. Toji Kamata expressed the following opinion regarding Mr. Yoichi’s attitudes:

“Mr. Yoichi Okada clearly has gone beyond the limits of  studying the Bible and Jesus Christ while in his position as Kyoshu (Spiritual Leader) of Sekai Kyusei Kyo (SKK). Although he was placed in the position of Kyoshu  of SKK, he followed and practiced the philosophy and mission of a mystical group that adopts Christian-based Gnostic thoughts; completely different from the philosophy and teachings given by founder Mokichi Okada. Mr. Yoichi concealed this from SKK, and together with his son, Masaaki Okada, guided the members of SKK, leading them to an ideology with distinct differences from SKK’s thoughts and philosophy.  Further, in order to complete the unique and special mission he had received from the mystical cult group, he was able to induce both the board of the Su-no-Hikari Kyodan, (which was a Member Corporation under the Umbrella of SKK), and part of the board of Izunome Kyodan to carry out the distortion of Meishu-sama’s Teachings and to subtlety execute a change in direction of SKK. It is possible to conclude that they were intending to completely transform the Church into another religion.


The amassed evidence that has come to light only reminds us that everything happens according to God’s Will.

Would it not be a major warning from Meishu-sama, that while greatly influencing the members of our Church worldwide, one of his own descendants had learned and fervently transmitted teachings of a different religion than ours?

By focusing one’s study and practice on Mr. Yoichi’s “words”, commonly members often end up treating the Teachings lightly. However, the original Teachings are indeed the enlightenment of the truth. This certainly demands severe reflection.

Yet, both senior and pioneer ministers, whose lives have been committed to Meishu-sama have recognized that the current purification provides the opportunity for us to devote ourselves to the study of the Teachings, to receive Light, and to strive to expand the Work of the Divine Light Program.

Is it not this kind of committed practice of faith that will accelerate the purification of this chaotic situation in which we find ourselves?